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Alfa Omega 3 Capsules

ALFA is a 99% pure, oral formulation of the omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid, eicosapentaenoic acid, (EPA) as the free fatty acid.

Just after our Swarkestone 2006 Family/Information Day on the news their were questions asked about the effect of fatty acids in preventing bowel cancer. So it was interesting to find a radio interview with Colerectal Surgeon Roger Leicester OBE talking about ALFA and bowel cancer on the Alfa Capsules website.

Perhaps too late for many of us to benefit directly but could be good news for our children and grandchildren


What are ALFA Capsules?
ALFA is a 99% pure, oral formulation of the omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid, eicosapentaenoic acid, (EPA) as the free fatty acid. Extracted from high quality fish oil, it is being developed for the prevention of colorectal polyps and bowel cancer.

How does ALFA differ from other fish oil supplements?
Most fish oils available as nutritional supplements contain 30-35% omega-3 fatty acids, and the EPA content is usually below 20%. The remainder may include other omega-3 fatty acids as well as omega-6 fatty acids (which are considered undesirable in relation to bowel cancer).

S.L.A. Pharma AG, the developers of ALFA use a highly specialised production process to extract pure EPA from the highest quality fish oils. The EPA has been transformed into a free fatty acid form, making it five times more readily absorbed than the forms (ethyl ester or triglyceride) found in most fish oil supplements.

A critical issue, highlighted in recent UK government agency reports on nutrition, is concern over the presence of environmental pollutants and toxins in fish and fish oils. The purification process for ALFA reduces these contaminants to levels well below the minimum required.

ALFA is the only 99% pure EPA free fatty acid product available. It has been specially formulated to give minimal side effects, such as diarrhoea or after-taste.

Every batch of ALFA involves three stages: oil purification, encapsulation and then application of a special outer coating. The end result is a delayed-release capsule which delivers EPA into the small bowel for maximum effect.

Because ALFA capsules contain pure EPA in a readily absorbed form, two capsules equate to around fifteen capsules of many currently available omega-3 fish oil preparations.

Are there any side effects?
S.L.A. Pharma AG has developed state of the art capsules which release their contents into the small intestine. The special coating on the capsules means that they are unaffected by stomach acid and so pass through into the small bowel. The capsules are designed to release in the less acidic environment of the small intestine maximising the effect of the EPA as it moves along the small bowel.

This means that ALFA is far less likely to give any fishy aftertaste or abdominal discomfort.

Why omega-3 fish oil as a new preventative treatment for polyps and bowel cancer?
Diet, lifestyle and family history are thought to be key factors influencing whether people may develop bowel cancer. It has been known for a long time that people who have a high dietary intake of fish have a lower incidence of bowel cancer.

In the recent ALFA trial at St. George's Hospital, London, in patients with a history of polyps in the large bowel, researchers examined tiny samples (biopsies) taken from the lining of the large bowel. They showed that, by taking 99% pure EPA for a period of 3 months, abnormal cell proliferation was significantly reduced and apoptosis (programmed cell death which helps to maintain required balance of cell numbers) increased. These are exactly the changes that the researchers were looking for. The results suggest that it may be possible to slow down the progression or even prevent the development of polyps which have the potential to become bowel cancer.

The results of this study are exciting but it was conducted on small numbers of patients. The next clinical trial will be much larger to give greater statistical power and determine the potential of EPA free fatty acid in the prevention of polyps and bowel cancer.


S.L.A. Pharma AG was established in 1997 by David and Justin Slagel in Switzerland, with a UK service operation.

As specialists in gastroenterology, S.L.A. Pharma AG develops treatments and pharmaceutical products that aim to satisfy unmet medical needs for diseases in the gastrointestinal tract.

With a reputation going back 40 years, David and Justin have built strong relationships with leaders in medical research and work closely with medical experts to develop new ground-breaking medicines.

Previous to S.L.A. Pharma AG, David Slagel was the owner and President of Tillotts Laboratories Ltd (UK) and Tillotts Pharma AG (Switzerland). Both were successful niche pharmaceutical companies specialising in gastroenterology and responsible for developing, Asacol™, a world leader in inflammatory bowel disease and Colpermin™ for irritable bowel syndrome.

ALFA Capsules are available from and cost £50 for one month's supply.


Report on Alfa Capsules Trial

Prevention breakthrough for polyps and bowel cancer

A highly purified form of naturally occurring EPA oil may form the basis of a new preventative treatment for colorectal cancer.

This promising new development has only been made possible by a unique manufacturing process which produces the most pure form of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) ever made, 99% pure free fatty acid.

In some people, the cells lining the colon proliferate and the natural 'life and death' cycle (apoptosis) of the cell is altered, causing tumour-like growths known as polyps. People with colorectal polyps are at a higher risk of developing bowel cancer.

Recent research at St. George's Hospital, London, gives an early indication that ALFA, a novel formulation of the omega-3 fatty acid, EPA, may be the key to preventing colorectal polyps and bowel cancer.

This clinical study showed that approximately 80% of patients who took ALFA over three months showed changes in the colon which could be associated with a reduced risk of further polyp growth. The trial indicates that this innovative formulation of EPA as a free fatty acid, regulates the disturbance in the control of normal cell growth in the large bowel thought to be the cause of bowel polyps and their development into colon cancer.

Mr Roger Leicester OBE, consultant colorectal surgeon - St. George's Hospital, London said: "These results are very exciting and at this stage it's a strong indicator that EPA could be effective in the prevention of bowel polyps. The results show pure EPA could harmonise the imbalance and abnormal cell activity in the bowel, which is considered to cause polyps and lead onto bowel cancer."

The study results show the emergence of EPA as a viable and natural alternative to the COX-2 inhibitors such as Celebrex, which were undergoing trials as the main chemopreventative therapy for colon cancer. Celebrex and the similar drug Vioxx, have been subject to restrictions in their use because of concerns over increased risks of cardiovascular events.

ALFA has been developed by S.L.A. Pharma AG, a Swiss research and development company who specialise in colorectal and gastrointestinal treatments.

Justin Slagel, CEO, S.L.A. Pharma commented: "We are extremely confident that ALFA could become the natural preventative treatment for polyps. To show a change in the control of cell growth in the large bowel is a major step forward in preventing reoccurrence of polyps that may lead to colorectal cancer. The clinical trials pending should demonstrate whether ALFA could be an alternative for patients to take on a regular basis to minimise the development of colorectal polyps."

This exciting discovery will now be studied further and if successful will be a major advance in the treatment of a disease which affects over 35,000 people a year in the UK alone.

ALFA capsules are available from

For further information please contact:

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