The FAP Gene Support Group

(Familial Adenomatous Polyposis)

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6th Annual FAP Gene Support Group Family/Information Day

We would like to thank all of the 55 people who helped to make such a success of our 6th Annual Family/Information Day at Swarkestone Sailing Club in Derbyshire on Saturday 26th March 2011

The 55 including 22 first time visitors travelled an area covering from Dublin to Ipswich and Newcastle to Plymouth plus many from The Midlands.

Download Initial Report in PDF Format

This requires Adobe Reader available from their Website with Link Below


Marie-Anne O'Reilly Genetic Counsellor from Nottingham City Hospital.

All about FAP
David Foreman the Colorectal Clinical Tutor from Derby Hospitals.
Download Presentation in PDF Format

Dietary Advice for those without a Colon
Mick and John
Download Presentation in PDF Format

Family Talk Study Update
Professor Alison Metcalfe of Kings College Hospital London

Predictive Testing of Children
Ingrid Holme Academic Dept of Clinical Genetics University of Southampton
Download Presentation as Power Point Presentation

Future Clinical Trials of Alfa Capsules
Chris Jordan SLA Pharma Ltd
Download Presentation in PDF Format

Update on the Networking Project
Krystle Konteh Genetic Alliance UK



The FAP Gene Support Group 2011 Family Day