The FAP Gene Support Group

(Familial Adenomatous Polyposis)

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FAP Gene Support Group Latest News

Updated January 20th 2018

January 2018 Update on Peter's Personal Curcumin Trial opens in new window

September 2017 Genetic Test Interviews for Manchester/North West England opens in new window

Facebook Page The FAP Gene Support Group now has over 200 members

Series of 6 Videos on Genetic Testing for Various Bowel Cancer Genes

From Bowel Cancer UK Link to their Website Videos opens in new window

We have Peters annual update on his personal Trial with Curcumin Details Here

October 2016 New Survey Family Web Study Details Here

October 2016 Newsletter Download Details Here

New FAP Gene Support Group Facebook Group Details Here

Postponed June 21st 2016 Walking The Yorkshire 3 Peak Challenge Details Here


Sept 19th our 2015 8th Annual Chat Day Photographs Our Page

Aug 28 New Leaflets Available E Mail with Address

September 14th 2015 New FAP Support Group Leaflet
Available to view in PDF Format

June 22nd 2015 Podcast raising awarness of FAp in Hawaii Our Page

May 14th 2015 Plymouth Musketeers Running Club Fundraiser Our Page

April 9th 2015 Details of USA Desmoid Tumour Trial Our Page

April 4th 2015 Australian Facebook link repaired Our Page

March 17th 2015 New trial for Patients with FAP Our Page

March 13th 2015 New E mails from Daniel in Hawaii Our Page

2nd October 2014 Helen gave a very relaxed talk at The Chat Day about her Bowel Transplant.

August 21st 2014 Our best wishes to Helen who has had her bowel transplant surgery in Oxford UK and after 5 weeks is now recovering at home.


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