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(Familial Adenomatous Polyposis)

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Contact a Family is the only national charity that exists to support the families of disabled children whatever their condition or disability. With over 30 years of experience, our vision is that families with disabled children are empowered to live the lives they want and achieve their full potential, for themselves, for the communities they live in, and for society.

Find a Therapist near to you - Therapy Directory only lists therapists who are registered with a recognised professional body or those who have sent us copies of their qualifications and insurance cover.

Website offering comprehensive information on stoma lifestyle issues – at home, diet, on holiday and out & about.

Additional sections for accessories, events, forums, medical glossary, new products, news, open days, suppliers and support organisations UK and worldwide.

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Drinking enough water every day will result in good health, well being and vitality - that, is pretty much proven!

When you are hydrated you will look better, feel better and have so much more energy - when you are dehydrated you will feel tired, hungry, have bad skin, suffer headaches and so much more.

Our mission is to share our knowledge of the health benefits of a constant daily hydration with you, and to provide you with some useful tools which will help you tap into the enormous benefits you will experience through drinking enough water.

The FAP Gene Support Group were pleased to accept The Hydration Centre's invitation for advice on pages concerning problems for people without a colon.

The Hydration Centre is now looking at adding a page for those without a colon,

Includes Leaflets on health, lifestyle, disease and related topics. Also diagrams and stories.

Medicines & Drugs
On the benefits and side effects of prescription and over-the-counter medicines

Extensive selection
of UK health websites and online videos by subject

How to find
a doctor, dentist, health professional, institution, therapist, etc
Choices When Referred

Links to resources
about your choices when referred to a specialist

Plus many more

The purpose of the site is ultimately to provide the UK with a huge life coach support network, enabling individuals to find a life coach close to them and appropriate for their needs. This is a free, confidential service that will help those seeking a new direction in their life to find the encouragement they need.

Every life coach on the site who has a full profile has either sent a copy of their qualifications and insurance cover to us, or is registered with a professional body with recognised codes of ethics and practice, this way we can be assured of their professionalism.

We are a support group for people suffering from the condition Familial Adenomatous Polyposis -

Contact for information on becoming a member E Mail Lynne

FAP is the name given to a group of conditions which relate to inherited disorder characterized by cancer of the large intestine (colon) and rectum. People with the classic type of familial adenomatous polyposis may begin to develop multiple noncancerous (benign) growths (polyps) in the colon as early as their teenage years.

The link is to their website homepage which is under construction

Formerly known as the Ileostomy Association of Great Britain and Ireland, is a mutual support group which has the primary aim of helping people who have had their colon removed. It was started in 1956 by a group of people who had ileostomies themselves, together with some members of the medical profession. It was the first ostomy association in the United Kingdom and it is a registered national charity (no. 234472). The link is to the main website.

If you are one of the many individuals who have been offered or already have an ileo-anal pouch, then you will know what it feels like to take the decision to go ahead with the surgery - it's daunting. Ileo-anal pouch surgery, (or restorative procto-colectomy to give it the surgical term) is increasingly being offered to patients who require surgery to remove their colon( Large Bowel) following certain chronic bowel disorders such as Ulcerative Colitis and FAP. There are various forms of pouch, the J pouch, the S pouch, the W pouch and the kock pouch, however, most surgeons opt for the J pouch due to its "simple" construction. Unfortunately, some patients are not eligible to be offered the surgery due to the risk of increased complications following the surgery, such as those with Crohn's disease. For those patients, the only option is to have the affected part of the bowel removed with the possibility of having a permanent ileostomy if the colon is too badly damaged

Aims to support the association's younger members, and other young people, either pre-surgery or post-surgery, who undergo either an ileostomy or an internal pouch. At present ia's young members are defined as those under the age of 40. Young ia organises an annual social weekend when all young members are invited to come together to share experiences and make new friends. This is open to everyone.

Until recently The British Colostomy Association, is the national registered charity which represents the interests of people with a colostomy and which provides support, reassurance and practical information to ostomates and anyone who is about to have a colostomy.

This website is for people with (Inflammatory Bowel Disease - IBD) and their families

New Link to the UK charity for people who have, or are considering having, a pouch operation.

Online Support Group - A community of patients, family members and friends dedicated to dealing with Crohn's Disease, together.

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