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My Genetic Journey Booklet

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This booklet is a personal account of one man's experience of Familial Adenomatous Polyposis. Sensitively written, with a touch of humour, it is a very readable auto-biography telling the reader what the textbooks can't.' Dr. Andrea Pithers

The booklet containing 56 pages is now available to Download for free (2mb file) Also from December 2009 New Pages to Download PDF File Word File

December 3rd 2010 now out of print

My name is Mick Mason and in June 1999 at the age of 56 I had a planned operation to remove my colon due to multiple polyps. My wife Ann and I knew it would change our lives but were unclear exactly how. We also knew it was a big operation but without which I would eventually have colon cancer.

Only ten days after my operation and still in hospital we found out, eventually meant now.

I have often been asked how cancer had changed my life but a more appropriate question would soon be "How has a genetic fault altered your life"? For when I was told I had colon cancer it was also mentioned that it could be through a faulty gene. At the time I never really took a lot of notice of the condition mentioned, Famial Adenomatous Polyposis (FAP) but that was soon to change.

Mick Mason

List of Contents

Part One Life before Cancer

My Church Choirs in Leicester
The Chess Player
Starting Work at Hillcrest Hospital in Leicester
Life in The R.A.F.

Part Two Cancer

A Funny Acting Bowel
Home Again

Part Three My Genetic Encounters

The Start of My Genetic Journey
My Life in 2003/4
Bowel Cancer Awareness
The Café Royal & St. James's Palace
My FAP Website
Visitors Course and The Fashion Show

Part Four The Future

What does it hold?