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Articles by Mick Mason and the Leicester Mercury

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My Genetic Journey
It is now nearly four years that I had an operation, which resulted in my permanent ileostomy. This happened after around 30 years of mild but persistent ulcerative colitis. Download
My Genetic Journey Part 2
It is over a year since I wrote the first part of my Genetic Journey and I have started this conclusion several times but never managed more than a few lines. Must be old age as my interest in reading books also vanished and is still only there for the most interesting ones. My concentration varies considerably as does my energy so it's making use of the good days and having an afternoon nap on the others. Download
My Genetic Journey January 2005
I just wonder how many have found that this year seems to be flying by and wondering where the time has gone. In my own case I suppose now that appointments are very few and a long way apart has made a difference. No more looking at the calendar to check if that particular week is free. Download
My Genetic Journey July 2005
So another period of our lives starts and instead of waiting and writing about it afterwards (when the memory can fail a bit) I have decided to add bits as the year goes by. Not quite a diary but something similar. Download
Beating Bowel Cancer Article Leicester Mercury
It was the family legacy that Mick Mason dreaded receiving. His father had it, his auntie too. Mick even went under the knife to try and shake it off, but to no avail. The 61-year-old has bowel cancer, a disease that can run in the family, and which has flourished through a combination of embarrassment and secrecy. Download
2nd Beating Bowel Article Leicester Mercury
The preventative operation came too late - he was devastated to discover that the cancer had already taken hold. That was in 1999. Chemotherapy followed, and now, five years on, Mick has the all-clear. In fact, it is now one year since he overcame the disease. Download
The Fashion Show
Who in their right mind at the age of 57 would even think of prancing along a catwalk as a male model? I think it would take a special reason and a certain amount of confidence and a lot of support from my wife, friends and family. A few years ago I probably had little of either, but times change and funny things, even pleasant things can happen. Let's start at the beginning quite a few years ago. Download