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Personal Stories
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My thanks go to those who have either written or given their permission to include these articles. I am sure that they will help you understand how people cope with different aspects of the gene.



I am a 34 year old male with FAP and started my Nlog to help others wuth FAP

Daniel Shockley

Daniel has Attenuated FAP and is keen to raise awareness and help others from Hawaii


Bonnie came to Swarkestone 2008 with her mum and made such an impression with her vitallity despite being seriously ill.

Chris Stewart

An article from The ilesostomy and Internal Pouch Support Group Journal

Chris tells how FAP has helped to save her life and reunite her with her daughter who she gave up for adoption 38 years ago.

Sue Brooke

An article from The ilesostomy and Internal Pouch Support Group Journal

Chris's daughter Sue tells her story of how she was reunited with her mum.

John Roberts Derby Evening Telegraph March 14th 2007

John Roberts considers himself fortunate to have survived a rare genetic condition which claimed the lives of both his mother and his son. Doctors then discovered that he had familial adenomatous polyposis. Natalie Murphy of The Derby Evening Telegraph writes an excellent article on John and his Family which also promotes our Family/Information Day 2007 at Swarkestone Sailing Club

Ann and Derek
When we first got married in 1971 everything was fine. We had no idea that there was an inherited disease in our family. We had two children and they were quite young (2 or 3 years old) when we got a letter from St Marks hospital to ask if Derek would go to be screened for polyps in his large bowel. Download
Helen Padgett's father, Terry, died of bowel cancer when she was seven years old and doctors found the Melton care assistant had inherited a gene which made her prone to the disease. Download
Jo Faulkner
It was the moment Jo Faulkner had always dreaded. 'I'm going to have my bowel removed just like you,' said her son, Kelcey. Shakily, he reached out to put his hand on his sister Lyndy's arm - 'And so is she.' Download
John Roberts
Like most things in my life, finding out that I had FAP was not straightforward. There were several hints, via my mother and brother, but it was not until my son became ill with a statistically linked illness and I had a second bowel check that it was confirmed. Download

It was early January 2003, when I received the news that I had been diagnosed with FAP and that I would need surgery. After consultations with a surgeon and a genetic consultant, we agreed that a Total Colectomy with Ileorectal Anastamosis (IRA) would be the preferred procedure for me.

If you would like to pass any comments or indeed offer your own story I will only be too pleased to receive them.

Special thanks go to The Leicester Mercury and The Melton Times Newspapers and The Ileostomy and Internal Pouch Support Group (The ia) for the reproduction of their articles.