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Migraine News

Recently John Roberts and his brother Edwin went to a Migraine Education Day run by Migraine Action ( ) There are 10 or 12 of these meetings around the country each year. They can recommend them if you are a migraine sufferer. John and Edwin have had migraine for many years and it was nice for them to meet interested professionals and patients in a similar environment to our own FAP information days. It re-enforced the idea of patient led support groups as ways of informing and encouraging people with illnesses that the NHS has not yet been able to fully cope with.

“Migraine Action was founded as the British Migraine Association by the late Peter Wilson MBE. Its objectives include:

The provision of understanding, reassurance and information to migraineurs, their families and friends:

Raising general awareness of the condition:

Research and investigation into migraine, its causes, diagnosis, prevention and treatment:

Facilitating the exchange of information relating to migraine.”

While there is no known link to FAP John has often wondered how many patients with FAP have migraine. In the general population it is around 16% of females and 8% of men.